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When you’re shipping alcohol, wine, and spirits, you’re shipping expensive products that require the expert care and attention that VCPB provides.

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With decades of experience and an unrelenting commitment to excellence, VCPB is the alcohol shipping partner you can trust time and time again.
Qualified carriers.
Not every carrier is comfortable carrying alcohol, wine, and spirits. We partner with carriers who are, so that you can trust that your goods are in good hands.
Customized solutions.
Whether you’re importing, exporting, or shipping from state to state, we have you covered.
Yes, we can handle that.
Our list of shipments we’ve creatively executed over the years is long. So there’s really no situation we can’t handle when it comes to alcohol, wine, and spirits. Call us to see.
The know-how to get it done.
Special packaging? Got it. Temperature control? On it. We have the expertise to get your alcohol shipments to their destination in the same condition you shipped them in.
Communication is king.
We’ll never leave you hanging. Our team, together with top-notch technology, make sure you’re in the loop on what’s going on with your goods.
Real-time tracking.
Keep an eye on your shipments using our state-of-the-art tech stack.


produce perishables
From apples to zucchini, berries, mixed veggies and everything in between, we handle perishables all over the country, from agricultural hotbeds like Salinas, CA and Yuma, AZ to points around the country. Our network of hundreds of fully insured carriers ensures your products reach their destinations in optimal condition.
Over the Road
Over the Road
We secure the right equipment for your over-the-road transportation needs, including 24-hour dispatch and daily tracking service.
Drayage Management
We make sure that trucks are on time, every time. When we have questions, our relationships with marine ports and carriers allow us to go to the source. Drayage management with VCPB means fewer port fees and more visibility into container locations.
Intermodal: 40’/53’
We maintain relationships with both rail and trucking carriers so that we can bundle intermodal as one service with one rate while offering operational efficiency. You can expect access to affordable, reliable capacity and seamless transitions across modes.
overweight oversize
Each week, we hear from customers that need special solutions for unusual projects. We use our experience and creativity to design effective solutions for cargo that doesn’t fit inside the box.
warehousing and transloading
We take time to understand what’s inside your containers so that we can design a transload shipping solution that ensures your load arrives safely, while minimizing delays and saving on costs.
custom solutions
Custom Solutions
Our leadership team started in this industry by physically loading trucks. That foundational experience allows us to effectively provide a custom solution for any transportation need you might encounter.


We simplify the complex for your business. By delivering smooth and efficient operations, we make our customers feel like their logistics are on autopilot. Here’s how we work in 3 simple steps:

Share what success looks like for you.
We customize solutions to get the job done.
We execute seamlessly.

Hear from our satisfied customers

    "VCPB is our 'one-stop shop,' helping with our challenging/out-of-gauge moves. What drew us in was their reliable service, competitive rates, equipment availability, and timely responses. What keeps us coming back is their consistent performance."

    "VCPB is our go-to when we have special projects or face unusual problems. They’re knowledgeable, punctual, and reliable. Their competitive pricing, availability, and personal touch keep us partnered with them year after year."

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