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Swift Solutions: The Power of Expedited Freight for Urgent Shipments

Published on
May 10, 2024
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Nyasia Ebert

Look at expedited freight as need-it-now shipping. There’s no time to waste getting that freight – temperature-controlled, oversized project materials, or simply urgently needed inventory replenishment – to its destination.

Some may associate expedited freight with emergency shipments following a natural disaster like a hurricane. Others may recall that expedited shipping became almost the norm in the early days of the COVID pandemic as manufacturers rushed to get out face masks and other protective gear. Now, in an e-commerce world with guaranteed one- and two-day shipping, we almost expect expedited delivery.

Racing Against Time: Why Expedited Freight?

Inbound Logistics said expedited freight services are utilized because of:

  • Forecasting mistakes or supply chain glitches.
  • Urgency to maintain product value or integrity.
  • Need to prevent manufacturing downtime.
  • Requirements to keep high-value cargo secure.
  • Endangered supplier relationships.

“In some cases, companies can use expedited freight shipping proactively, as part of a supply chain strategy,” an Inbound Logistics article said. “For instance, some retailers use expedited freight shipping to reduce the funds tied up in inventory.”

In other cases, companies may choose expedited shipping to avoid higher costs later. “For instance, if a launch date is four weeks away and a supplier is delayed by two weeks, it’s likely that one more lost week – which wouldn’t be unheard of – would make it even more difficult to catch up. The company may decide to pre-emptively expedite some shipments,” the article said.

A Truckstop blog post pointed out that expedited shipping typically is utilized for more than just a part or two and instead “involves the delivery of a large volume of product in a short period of time. Typically, ground freight shipments can take up to 10 business days, whereas expedited freight shipping usually takes 1–3 days.”

Truckstop said some industries that benefit from expedited freight shipping are medical supply and e-commerce companies, automotive suppliers, and retailers.

Retailers, for instance, “often deal with fluctuating demand and have to meet demands for seasonal shipments, making expedited freight a great option. For perishable products, retailers rely on expedited freight shipping to deliver on time to avoid losing product.”

Navigating the Fast Lane: Features of Top-Tier Expedited Services

The Inbound Logistics article said there are a number of key technologies and attributes to consider when evaluating expedited freight service providers, including whether they utilize global positioning systems, real-time tracking, application programming interfaces, transportation management systems, and mobile apps.

In addition, it’s crucial to verify the provider can handle the complexities of expedited freight. “This is a serious business with lots at stake,” Kevin Schultz, co-founder and president of logistics provider 357 Company, told Inbound Logistics. “Expediting is a stress test for logistics companies.”

From Urgency to Assurance: The Added Value of Expert Expedited Services

Inbound Logistics acknowledged that expedited shipping can have a “negative connotation.”

“It implies that something went wrong in your supply chain: the routing guide broke down, there was a breakdown in transit,” Konrad Warzycha, VP of solutions for EASE Logistics, told the publication. “All shippers would like to avoid expedited shipments because they are stressful, and they create a whirlwind where you have to drop everything else to recover the shipment. But if you have the right partners in place – if you have a reliable, trustworthy, consistent carrier that you can use for transport – it really becomes a simple process.”

VCPB Transportation is the right partner for expedited freight, combining technology and experience to deliver on time every time. At VCPB, we maintain the strictest cold chain standards for the transport of expedited temperature-controlled shipments; we provide specialized service for expensive products like alcohol, wine, and spirits; and we specialize in oversized and overweight shipping, everything from yachts to dismantled aluminum plants.  

Trust Your Expedited Freight to VCPB Transportation

Manufacturers, retailers, medical supply companies, automotive suppliers, and more trust VCPB Transportation and our custom solutions for any expedited transportation needs they may have.

At VCPB, in addition to expedited shipping, we’re experts at produce and perishables, over-the-road, intermodal, overweight and oversized, LTL, drayage management, and transloading. Is your container in a jam? Through our extensive network, we coordinate and expedite your international container to or from any North American port location.

Whatever it takes, we’ve got you. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, deep experience, and creative thinking to our clients, regardless of the move or the mode.

Start shipping with VCPB.

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